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Jennifer Oh’s artwork is called Diverted. During the Sino-Japanese War, Korean comfort women were forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army in occupied terrorist. “Comfort women”is another way of saying “prostitutes”. For years, women in occupied territories were taken from their homes, or lured into war-time brothels. Servicing up to thirty men a day against their will. After fifty years of this horrendous torture, a women finally came forward and spoke about; bringing the crime committed by the Japanese government to light.

Jennifer has created a symbolic connection between theses women and herself by threading onto these found archival images. Theses pieces are her reactions to the past and the present, and the stories told by the survivors. She wanted to combine medias of the past and the present. The combined medias would give off an effect of a dimension where history and future coverage.

By adding new elements, it skews the way of seeing the image using traditional methods of storytelling. The colors and the lines are to give the effect of representing what the women are truly feeling, while they keep a straight face. Jennifer’s work is very meaningful and it addresses an issue that not many people are aware of. I like art that create or spark an new idea, or new information. Unfortunately, Jennifer does not have a website where she posts her work.