I had the pleasure of meeting my classmate Vanessa Marquez this past Thursday. She is a second year and she is thinking of majoring in social work or in sociology. She likes Netflix, watching movies, and she would love to travel. She feels like all types of art impacts her in their own different way. Art is creative and inspirational. Vanessa had a great thanksgiving break. She mostly lounged around and stayed in her pajamas. We are all excited for Christmas, but we are bummed that we have to get through finals first. We both like when an acapella group named Pentatonix sings the Christmas song Carol Of the Bells. Me and Genesis like to play Lotería with our family. Lotería is a lot like Bingo. Sometimes our family likes to gamble with dollars or quarters. She usually wins a lot of money, sometimes up to twenty dollars. I, on the others hand, usually lose money. Venessa seems like a cool girl. You should check out her website by clicking this link  Vanessa’s Website.