This week’s conversation was with an animator named Tyler Turett. Actually he is an animator slash illustrator. He has always loved to create short stories and characters. He first starts drawing his sketches on a piece of paper and then he would draw them onto the computer. However, ever since he has started attending csulb, he now draws his illustrations onto a tablet like device that is made specially for animating and illustration. No transfer of the sketch from paper to computer is needed.

He enjoys drawing comedic stories and loves to make people laugh. He has several characters he really likes and plans to go back to develop them more and include them in more shots. He has a lot of fun creating his shorts because he get to incorporate his friends into it. He has had friends and co-workers voice some characters. His dream job is to work for Pixar. He remembers in his childhood years, that he loves the movie Toy Story. The story and characters were amazing and it helped him discover his passion for animation.

Tyler is a senior who is majoring in Animation. After college he plans to move to the other side of the country to work. In his current internship, he is helping to create animations. His job has offered him a job and that is the reason for him leaving. He has always lived in California, so he is a little nervous but excited to what his new home will bing. To check out more of Tyler’s animation/illustration, check out his website Tyler Turett’s website.