Christopher Linquata was one of the two artist there at the art galleries. I chose Christopher because his art was something I usually go for. He had gone to many places to paint murals; one of the places he has been to was at Cesar’s palace, and he was able to paint a mural on it. it takes Christopher a very long time to finish and complete his paintings. He paints two paintings at a time for about eighteen hours a day. Each painting takes about ten hours to dry. Overall, his work takes up to three years.

The painting in the pictures called, Sunken City, was inspired by when he went on a hike with his friends. He doesn’t like to use pictures to re-draw what he saw in his hike because he wants to use his sight to recall it. He says that painting takes does take a long time and be tedious, but that he is always looking forward to doing it and that it is worth his time.

Overall, I really admire Christopher for all of the time and dedication he has put into his art. And I really like that he is trying to stick close to his visual senses rather than just taking a picture; which would have been much easier and faster. But he chose to take his time and to create something that is genuine. To see more if Christopher’s art, click on this link to visit his website Christopher’s website.