Marisol is a second year who is majoring in child development. She used to be a social work major, but then she realized that it was not something that she is into. She likes to play soccer. She played soccer in high school and was able to make it to varsity which was a hard thing to do in her school. She attended Milikan High School, she was able to prove herself to her team whom was mainly filled with girls in club teams versus other leagues. I can relate to her because I was on the same situation. I had to show people that I can match up to them, even if I did not have the same resources or opportunities as they did. Marisol now plays on Sunday league soccer. I, too, used to play Sunday league soccer. Once again, I found another person who likes to play soccer.Yes! She likes to hang out with friends and family, going shopping, and dancing. She has an older sister and a lot of cousins. So it feel like she has more siblings than her one sister. She really likes Disneyland and her favorite ride is Indiana Jones. Her favorite Disney character is Tigger. To answer this week’s question; she believes tattoos are a form of art. It is a way people can express themselves and have something that is with them for the rest of their lives. She does not want a tattoo, but if she had to pick something, then she would get a tattoo of the sun. To learn more about Marisol, check out her awesome website Marisol’s website.