I made something!! I was never good at making things out of cloth or fiber, so I was excited to start this project. I wanted to make something that I can use and wear during the day, so I made a beanie. I was not alone in making this.My cousin is really good at knitting crocheting, and more. So, she helped me to really clean up the look of my beanie; especially the shape. Since winter is almost here, it would be good for me to practice and make more beanies. How know. I may even make gloves and scarfs. But it would have to come back to if I have the time to do it.

While making my beanie, I felt relaxed and focused. My mind was distracted and not thinking about anything else. I was pretty cool to follow the pattern and mimic the movements all throughout the process. Thank you cousin Oly and thank you Glenn for a much needed distraction!