Kathy Yoon is a senior with a major in ceramics. She was inspired to create her piece called So Many Me’s, because she felt like created and expressing her emotions. Each doll is made out of clay and took about one to two weeks to make. Each doll is an emotion that she feels. While making the dolls, she likes to listen to music, podcast, and stand-up comedy. She listens to a rang of different stations that can influence her work. And each station can bring out an emotion within her. In stand-up comedy, she can laugh and feel humorous. When listening to the podcast, she may feel more serous and sad. When listening to music, she can take off with her feelings. Happy, sad, empowered, inspired, and much more.

She really enjoyed making these dolls. When I asked her what emotion she felt while making this piece, she said the doll that is looking down and holding a heart shaped balloon. I felt like her emotion may have been somewhat private because it could mean a lot of things based around love. Is she shy about loving someone? Is she sad about her love life? Does this love mean something romantic? Is she holding onto love my a single thread? I am not sure, but I didn’t want to pry.

She has never created something like her dolls before. This type of art is new to her and she was excited to try it. She made her dolls black and white with a little red because those are the colors that really pop-out. Her hobbies, besides art, is reading and cooking. She likes to be transported into what feels like another world when reading a good book. Her favorite artist is Beth Cavener because of her sticker sera mic art. To learn more about Kathy, check out her Instagram under her name Kathy.c.yoon.