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Emma Hankin's Favorite piece.
Emma Hankin’s Favorite piece.

Emma Hankin’s Texture & Twine intrigued me because of the detailing it had in each individual piece. Emma is a BFA Printmaking student at CSULB, and she is all about detailing. Everything you look at has something intricate and unique about it. It also reminded me of the artist Mimi Haddon’s Conversations Between Strangers. The piece reminded me of Haddon’s because they both used fabrics and long elemental aspects. Emma’s parents are artist too.Her parent’s job is an architect and an interior designer.She was never pressured to be an artist, she just found it within herself. She always felt like her father understood art more than her mother, and he was more supportive and happy about her passion for art. Her favorite type of art is print making and wood carving. She can carve wood for hours, but she does not mind it because she loves doing it. That is why her favorite piece in her installation is the stamped picture with the blue background. This piece was created by a stamp she carved out.

Emma is really into detail, and she likes to look at the small things that makes bigger things. This is something similar to what Mimi Haddon has said about her installation. Emma wrote, “I found my love of precise and microscopic detail within day-to-day objects, focusing on their material structure and the patterns within each substance.”  She also mentioned, regarding printmaking, she uses “various forms of printmaking in order to develop my three-dimensional discoveries into two dimensional works”. I really like her message, and I can see that she worked hard in her detailing. To learn more about Emma Hankin, search for her on Facebook.