Nele Barber is a third year film major. She transferred from a college in Wisconsin. She was unsure of what major she wanted to study into, but she loves movies and t.v shows, so she figured that she would like to study about film making. She was born in Berlin, Germany and she is really enjoying her time here in the United States. She likes California better than Wisconsin because the weather is nicer and there is more fun to do. I told her that my favorite sport is soccer, and she told me that in Germany, soccer is the most popular sport. I was thrilled. It gave me another reason to go and visit Germany (beside me wanting to travel and see new places and things). Her favorite sport is volleyball. She likes to take naps, watch Netflix, read books, and eat. All of which are my favorite pass-times too.

If Nele could travel anywhere else in the world, she would want to visit New Zealand because she has hear that it is a beautiful place to see. She has traveled a lot in her lifetime already, but she plans on continuing her travels for as far as she can go. I have never traveled outside the country, but I plan on doing so in the future. Check out her website by clicking this link Nele’s Website.