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This week’s activity was about creating a story using two different social media apps. I partnered up with my class mates Gillian English, Johnathan Pua, and Diana Solis. We all decided to be animals and follow each other. We choose to create accounts on Instagram and Twitter because they were one of the only websites that would allow an animal account. I was a Guinea Pig, Gillian was a llama, Diana was a bunny, and Johnathan was a sloth.

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Our story was that we had all meet at an animal convention. Some of us had owners, and some of us didn’t. I was an independent animal who loves to garden, dress up, and enjoys eating celery(like a lot). My guinea pig character’s name was Gina Guinea Pig. I chose this name because I wanted her nickname to be GGPig. I liked this name because it sounded like a name a fashionable animal would have.

I enjoyed this assignment because it made me more aware of what I was posting, and I was trying to be convincing at playing the role as Gina. It was fun to include my friends in my posts. I also realized how hard it is to keep up with being consistent in making posts. I do not have much time in the day to write or share my news. I usually only have time to see and like what everyone else is doing. Overall, this assignment called to be creative, to work as a team with others, and I gained a sense of self-awareness. It was fun talking to my classmates in a funny, new way.