Diana Solis is a Sociology major, and she is in her last semester. With her major Diana wants to be able to help children and teenagers. Her family is from Honduras and El Salvador. This is great because my family’s background is from Guatemala; which is, also, a part of Central America. Her favorite try of art is using paints and water colors. I agreed with her. We both like the idea of having a plate of multi-colored plates and delicate brushes that are used to create an image on a white canvas. Her second favorite way of creating art is by using color pencils. Diana really likes colors and vibrance. Every now and then she likes to draw what she feels like. She once even thought about being an art major, but she chose a different route. It was nice getting to Know Diana, if you would like to know more about her, check out her website by clicking this linkĀ Diana Solis’s website.