Mimi Haddon is a very unique and creative person. As all artist should be. This art work is called Conversations Between Strangers. She created a piece that is made out of ripped up shirts. Mimi said she went to the stores where they sold cheat shirts that had red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple. She bought one hundred t-shirts and she dissected them and stretched them out to fit what she wanted it to look like. It took her month to complete, but she is happy with the way it turned out. Her least favorite part of her piece is the sting of tags. She did does not like this part because it took so long for her to complete and she, originally, was not going to include it. Her son helped her to create her work, and she was able to create other things with the scraps of her left over material. Some of the things she was able to create herself a purse and a scarf. She is easy to talk to and is very polite. She even has her own photography business. To learn more about Mimi, check her out on Facebook page by clicking this link Mimi’s website.

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