Steven and I talked about what color we would dye our hair. Steven said that he would dye his hair in the color blue. He picked blue because it is very bright. I chose the color red because my hair has some red-like color already, and I think it would look good. I also like red because it is a color that really brings out an edgy look.

After talking about our hair color, we talked about ourselves. We have somethings in common and I can relate to the things that he was sharing with me. Steven is a sophomore majoring in mathematics. He told me how, back in high school, wrestling really helped shape him as a person. Wrestling helped to get him in shape, it boosted his grades, and it helped him to gain self-confidence. I understood what he was talking about because in high school I played soccer. In any sport you have to have a certain GPA to be able to play. You also have to learn how to work with others and you learn how to become disciplined. During high school, I may have been in the best shape of my life. We then talked a little about video gaming. He told me about the different games and gaming systems he plays. I only liked to play Halo on the X-box. Steven is a really cool guy, so check him out on his website by clicking this link  Steven Argueta.