Angela drew and I had a great conversation about her artwork call, Layers. We talked bout her faith and a little about my faith. Angela grew up as a Catholic. Later when she was about five years old, her parents converted to Christianity. Like myself, Angela was once an active member of our church, but then we fell out of it. Currently, Angela has reconnected with her religion. She decided, through her work, she would express her feelings and thoughts about her faith through her artwork.

Her piece Layers, is about displaying and explaining the different theories of the origin of the Grand Canyon. There are theories about the creation of the Grand Canyon being a force of nature, theories of how long this monument has stood for, and theories of this all being God’s doing. Angela accepts the viewer’s point of view of her work. She created the pieces in a way that does not force or makes the viewer see or feel like they have to know about Christianity to understand. Angela wants her work to be seen as she what she interoperates from her Christian faith.

Angela is brave for incorporating her faith into her art, because religion is a very touchy subject. No one really wants to talk about their religious faith to others they know aren’t the same religion; because, it seems like you might offend someone when presenting different beliefs, even when you don’t intend to; and you don’t want to sound preachy. The thing is, some people take things that are said a different way. Whether it is in a good or a bad way; it depends on the person. I am Catholic and I an open to talk about my faith, and I am open to listen to someone else’s faith that is not the same as mine. As long as we listen and we do not put one another down for it. Angela has been an artist I can relate the most to. She understands and we shared a lot of similarities. She dose not have her own website or portfolio, but you can check her out on Facebook in this link Angela’s Facebook Page.