Julia Hodgdon is a second year in Cal State Long Beach majoring in Pre-Social Work. She is not sure, exactly, on what she wants to do as a career, but she is passionate about serving people. From what I can gather form my first meeting with her, I get a feeling that she is a good willed person. If her heart is set in a positive light, then I am sure she will do great things in the world. Our question for this week was related to what we give the meaning of color. in the beginning we agreed that it is common to associate color to emotions. Blue being sad, red being angry, and so on. So, we decided to say what our favorite color is and why. Julie’s favorite color is black. She says black makes people look good. I like the color black to; it is always in style and it can make people look professional. My favorite color is green because it is the color of wealth, health, and nature. I also like the color because not many people like green, yet it is a pretty color. To get to know Julia more, check out her awesome website.