This week’s art project is to spend a night without electricity. By doing this, I can connect back to my ancestor who, during their time, were never able to use electricity because it was not harnessed yet. Everyday of my like involves some type of electrical power or energy to help me to complete my daily tasks. Therefore, it was strange to be completely without it for a whole night. I didn’t fully understand how dependent I am on electricity up until now.

For most of the night, I just laid on my bed and looked around the dark room. I could here my family members in the other room going about their business. It was as though I was a part of the light. If the lights are out, them so am I, because I can’t see or doing things without it. Another thing I noticed is how noisy it is outside. I could hear all of the dogs barking, the tree and plants swaying, the shouting of someone’s name, and more. Later into the late night, everything was silent. Everything except the house. By this time, my family members had gone to bed, and I was in my room by myself. I could hear creaking and scraping noises on the wooden floor. I could hear movement in the attic. And, I could feel something, as though there was someone or something in my room. I am not the type to imagine things, because I am an analytical type. So, I wasn’t scared. Instead I just brushed it off to have a logical explanation.

I really enjoyed this assignment because it made me more aware of my surrounding externally and internally. I hear the noises from inside and out of my house, and I was lost in my thoughts. It was an interesting night. Maybe, when the lights turn off, I actually turn on. Rather than doing nothing, I think about everything.