In art class, we learned a little about about Graffiti around some part of the world. Graffiti is a mixed emotion when asked about how people feel about it. Some people say graffiti is ugly and you can’t even read what the person has tagged. Other people appreciate it and think that it gives the city, town, or village color and life. I like graffiti only if it is placed in a setting that complements the area with its shapes, colors, and message. When approaching this project, I not sure how my lettering would come out. I had sketched my name in a bubble form ahead of time; however, my idea did not match what was on the strip of wood. I then tried to add leaf prints to the left of my name just to personalize it a little bit. I know I would like spray painting more if I practiced and I was a little more creative. But, overall, I tried my best and this will not be the end of my pray painting career.