After a day of posting on Instagram, I searched the Art 110 hashtag (#art110f15) to see what my classmates day was like. I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures of plants, beach days, art, food, and more.

The pictures you see above are my favorite. I am a Disney addict (an epidemic found among many college students). Anything Disney related sparks my interest. I am a pass-holder and I never get tired of looking at the beautiful Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Castle. I’m sure Calvin Nguyen (@art.calvinhonguyen) can relate. This ties in to why I chose Kahlia Cadle’s (@monetslilies) Peter Pan pocket watch. I connected with Peter Pan because I, too, didn’t like the idea of growing up. I used to always want to continue playing with my toys and forget about having to deal with responsibilities. I especially liked her caption of Peter Pan’s quote when he was convincing Wendy to go with him to Neverland. “Forget them, Wendy. Forget them all. Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again.” That was one of the lines that used to make me want to be Wendy and go off to Neverland. Pocket watches are my favorite type of watch. I always makes me feel a little unique because not a lot of people use them.

Gillian English’s (@genglish36) board game is something I frequently play with my family. Clue is a classic game that I loved to play when I was younger; and, what I still like to play today. I always pick Miss Scarlet as my character because no one likes to accuse a pretty face. I have the game Clue, however, it is a Disney’s Haunted Mansion edition. By now, you should be able to see the signs of my Disney addiction, if I had not admitted it to you earlier.

Cindy Kim’s (@suhyunncindyy) photo is of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I have never traveled to another state besides Nevada. Seeing this picture helped me realize that I am missing out on the beauties of nature in other states. I am a nature person and I love to be in the great outdoors.

Now that I reflect more on these photos, I realize many of my classmates and I have a lot in common. Some likes were not to hard to guess (Disneyland), and other likes were things that I would not have expected (The board game Clue). This also applies to the rest of the pictures in my class. It is our group selfie. We mostly post images of things that many of use can relate to but in a different way. Wether it is in a different setting, a different angle, or a different same love kind of relationship, we all have some common ground.