That’s right! You read correctly. I love my right hand so much that I decided to make a plaster cast sculpture of it. I’m lying, it was actually for my Art class; but, I do love my hands equally. It was a sunny day at Seal Beach with high tides and rough waves. I was a little nervous about how my project would turn out. So, I reread the steps multiple times on how to create this sculpture successfully. Then, I made my mold, mixed the water and powder into paste, and poured the plaster in. I waited 30 minutes and hoped that the waves would keep at bay. But of course, the waves didn’t.

In the last three minutes a huge wave came in and flooded up to 5 yards of the shore. My towel was soaked, my bucket and supplies were scattered, my sculpture was engulfed in water, and my sandal for my left foot had disappeared. But, the good news is that I was able to retrieve all of my belonging and my phone was completely dry. The great news is that my hand sculpture was not ruined and I am proud of how it came out. It actually looks like my hand! I really enjoyed this project because it was a good excuse to go to the beach, and I loved the results of my beautiful hand sculpture. As for the lesson of the day: never trust a wave.