Millie Herrera


September 2015

Week 5- Ethnography

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Week 5- Conversation with a Classmate (Toni Abad)

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Week 5- Artist Conversation (Kiyomi Fukui)

Reminiscing Remnants on once side of the wall.
Reminiscing Remnants on one side of the wall.

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Week 4- Graffiti Project

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Week 4 – Conversation with a classmate (Steven Yang)

I was able to get to know my classmate Steven Yang. He major is in Chinese studies and he has a business minor in cosmetology. His favorite pass time is going on hikes, wrestling, and practicing Judo. He attended Cerritos High School and sometimes goes back to coach the wrestling team. I attended Artesia High School, which is close to Cerritos. Unfortunately, we never crossed paths until now. This week’s question was, does art matter? Steven says art does matter. Without art, the world would be plane and boring. There would be no self expression or creativity.

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Week 4- Artist Conversation (Jamie Strassenburg)

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Week 3- Conversation with a Classmate (Gillian English)

Well, what is it?
Well, what is it?

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Week 3- Artist Conversation (Kyle Kruse)

One Who Sees
One Who Sees  By:Kyle Kruse

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WK3-Activity-Social Photography (Instagram)


After a day of posting on Instagram, I searched the Art 110 hashtag (#art110f15) to see what my classmates day was like. I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures of plants, beach days, art, food, and more.

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